high-end printing folding wine attention

The show launched on "high-end printing folding wine" are Ming feng packaged together a United States Centennial Grand launch of the packaging printing companies. "High-end printing folding wine" wine packaging products, product structure, mode of production and advocated a minimalist lifestyle, following the concept of green development, circular, low-carbon development, forming elegant packaging products, the spatial pattern of saving resources and protecting the environment, from the source to be simple and elegant packaging, very much in the 18 's "ecological civilization construction" slogan. Ming Fung packaging related official said: "the move would advocate reduction, light packaging contribute to global ecological sustainability. "In this high-end event, Ming Fung packaging has also introduced" unique identification based on stealth code technologies advanced anti-counterfeiting packaging "and" local non-grating stereoscopic printing high-end security package "two patented technologies for high-end packaging security offers a unique, professional anti-counterfeiting technology method, as highlights.