Vanguard recycled wine boxes

Mid-Autumn Festival and national day is coming soon, but mid-and many families will produce large amounts of wine, cake boxes. These packing away waste and a covering, let home the way husbands and wives worry. Don't worry, CRV helps you to keep House.

From August 8 to September 30, Vanguard entered the environmental protection and energy saving. During the event, consumers can make old wine box, cake box to the CRV specified store voucher or for other energy-saving goods, vanguard of recycled wine boxes, cake box recycling and storage, in order to achieve the objective of reducing waste and saving resources.

In addition to the environmental interaction with consumers, Vanguard's internal staff also made environmental protection the theme of the first series. Require employees to environmental protection the theme of creation, in stimulating interest at the same time, understanding and conveying the idea of the environment, and bring consumers new experiences about environmental protection.