Analysis Of Different Angles Of Jewelry Boxes

Visual representation formally into the visual planning, packaging elements on the brand, name, taste, capacity indicators ... And so on, some projects have logic to follow, and can not be designed to express the creative ideas of designers, if the owners do not clarify beforehand, the designer should also be based on the logical deduction method.Jewelry Boxes

Accurate performance appeal: Commodity packaging can be expressed in a rational (functional) or perceptual (emotional) manner. For example, drugs or high-priced goods use rational demands to convey the function and texture of the goods, and the perceptual demands are used for goods with low price and low loyalty, such as beverages or snacks. Display effect: The store is a different brand of the battlefield, how to stand out on the shelves, is also a major design considerations.Jewelry Boxes

Designers can be creative when they want to, but before the formal work, need one by one to filter the possibility of implementation. Different commodity attributes, the requirements of the packaging is not the same. Therefore, the selection of packaging material is within the scope of design considerations. Material: For the sake of product quality is stable, material selection is also the key, such as flower or tea products using Kop fresh packaging materials. In addition, in the transport process in order to ensure the integrity of the product, the selection of materials should be considered. For example, the packaging of eggs, the need for cushioning protection is absolutely the first element of packaging design functions.Jewelry Boxes

Create special structure: for the packaging industry more refined, there are many enterprises abroad to explore the development of new packaging materials or new structures. Consumers were impressed by it, and the market also caused a flurry of talk. Packaging physical Properties: The use of chemical properties of packaging materials to solve the problem of preservation of goods, but also should pay attention to the principle of heat-shrinkable packaging materials. such as full-han sausage to be filled with nitrogen packaging to keep fresh; ice cream in the paper tray and shrink film, replaced the traditional environmentally friendly Styrofoam box.Jewelry Boxes