Desk Accessories To Take You To Understand The Size Of The Purchase Desk Knowledge

    In the standard case, the appropriate width and depth ratio of the desk is 2: 1. Large desk width of 1500-1800mm the best, the depth of 650-800mm, the smaller desk width 1000mm, the depth is 500mm; if small, it can be wide 800mm, deep 450mm. The desk is generally single desk, the size of its table is generally 1100mm × 600mm or so, that is, the width of 1100mm. For adult office desk, its size is 1400mm × 800mm, that is, the width of 1400mm. For middle school students and children's desk, the desk width is designed to 1200mm more appropriate, and the depth of the most appropriate 600mm.Desk Accessories

    50% of the time spent on working and learning, so how important is a comfortable desk. The desk can be very simple, can be very creative, but what kind of desk is suitable for you? The following Merlot furniture network Xiaobian to introduce several simple and generous desk, look at the desk standard size, although simple, but it is Very practical.Desk Accessories

    The desk has three unique drawers, so that the tentacles available, the cabinet design is simple, remove the excessive harassment, but absorb the essence of practical furniture. And the desk foot was curved, elegant and generous, some of the late post-fitting into the design style, fully embodies the designers and owners of the pursuit of a comfortable and comfortable atmosphere of life. Corner of the yellow paint for the intention to do the old antique oil. Drawer empty width: about drawer 372mm, drawer 534mm; drawer empty depth: left and right drawer 305mm, drawer 375mm; pumping side height 80mm, drawer pull out the size of 305mm.Desk Accessories

    This desk bookcase and desk design is simple, but there are different specifications of the books and drawers, easy to use, the design of the table is also very novel. Can be placed in the bookcase look good jewelry, add highlights for the bookcase. The backplane is all white, the drawer is woody; the bookshelves are active and moveable. Computer desk bookshelves at the waves, the entire bookcase, table design unique and convenient, to bring you a quiet and warm learning atmosphere. Drawer empty width 328mm, drawer empty depth of 375mm, pumping side height of 115mm, drawer pull out the size of 320mm.