Details Of Calendar Holder

    A calendar is a daily-use publication used to record dates and other related information. Each page displays the day information called the calendar, each page displays one month information called the monthly calendar, each page displays year-round information called the Almanac. There are many forms, such as calendars, desk calendar, calendar cards, and now has an electronic calendar. China began with a calendar about more than 4,000 years ago. According to one page of Oracle bone calendar, it is proved that Yin's calendar has a considerable level, this is the most ancient calendar of all human objects, this page is called calendars. Calendars are often decorated with images, and month cards are one of the decorative paintings of the calendar.Calendar Holder
   Calendars and calendars are developed by the calendar, but this is the history of the past hundred years. As to when the calendar appears, no one can tell, but according to historical records, about 1100 years ago, Tang Zongyong first year, the palace has been using the calendar. The calendar, also known as Almanac, not only records the date, but also is an important material in the history of the compilation country. The calendar then divides the year into 12 volumes, according to the number of days per month to determine the pages of each volume, and the month and date written on each page, and then to serve the Emperor's eunuch temporary custody, to the eunuch in the daily empty page to write down the emperor's words and deeds and in the monthly at to the emperor to see, approved, sent to the Calendar Holder
    The real calendar is produced, about more than 1100 years ago in the Tang Zongyong first year, the palace has been used almanac. First page of the day, record the state, the palace events and the emperor's words and deeds. Almanac is divided into 12 volumes, the number of pages per book and the number of days each month, each page annotated with days and dates. Now through its formation there is a process, it begins with the date. Earthly Ji Day early in China Shang Dynasty has appeared, the spring and Autumn period has been used for 12 years, and 12 of overtime system by the Western Han Dynasty has been adopted. The end of the Western Han Dynasty, has been earthly to the annals. Tang Dynasty, the Five Dynasties Almanac month name began to earthly, the Northern Song Dynasty will be 10 dry 12 support to Ji, when the day and year, respectively, with earthly note, earthly calendar increasingly complete. The calendar, whether it is a paper publication or mobile phone application, electronic calendar, usually contains the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar and the earthly calendar three kinds of calendar.Calendar Holder