Jewelry Box Use Guide

Ring Straps Jewelry boxes are specifically designed to hold and protect your baby rings, usually consisting of a set of strips of flannel sponge pads. In addition to placing the ring, used to put cufflinks or earrings is also a good choice.

Ear nail fixing hole / ear nail fixed pad jewelry box dedicated to the fixed protection of your earrings jewelry, usually in the partition on the arrangement of ear hole in order to fix the earrings, or the use of lid position set earrings shelves , And some are equipped with a removable pad with a stud hole in the compartment.

Butterfly card cover pad is usually built in a grid with a butterfly card with a velvet, used to cover your baby jewelry. Butterfly card can only be used as a handle, can also be used to wrap your slender necklace, to prevent Free to slide; or play a layered role, your small jewelry up and down separately.

Watch Bags / Bracelet Bags Jewelery Boxes are specifically designed to secure your bracelet or watch.

Necklace Hook Jewelery Boxes are specifically designed to secure your necklace bracelet, etc., usually in snap or hook form. The following is usually equipped with a slot with a flexible bag, the hanging necklace.

Small grid between the jewelry box has a variety of size and shape of the small cell design, so that your baby jewelry can be placed. Usually slender type of design is prepared for the necklace, while the square is based on the size of the depth of the different bracelets, brooches, earrings, hair clips, cufflinks and other jewelry prepared.

The jewelry bag takes full advantage of the inner cover or side space, effectively expanding your jewelry box capacity. You can hide your favorite pearl necklace inside, or hang a row of earrings, how to use to see your preferences.