Jewelry Boxes What Are The Effects

Jewelry Boxes Beautiful jewelry box for beautiful jewelry, is undoubtedly the best bonus points. Today, we are going through the ancient and modern, and look at those jewelry boxes that let the beauty of jewelry!

Makeup magazine, is the Chinese ancient women's name for jewelry box, when the girl to marry, the maiden must send a makeup case as a dowry. Also because of such an important role, led to the ancients for the delicate makeup of the casing tightly chasing jewelry.

Jewelry Boxes The Ancients in the case, usually put into hairpin, Ying Luo, collar, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, jade and other jewelry. In addition to jewelry, you will also place dressing items.

Jewelry Boxes There are many kinds of makeup boxes, and jewelry box inlaid with gems. There are also very elegant atmosphere, such as Rosewood jewelry box. There are also boxes that may be more valuable than jewelry in Qing Dynasty, such as burning blue inlay jade silver jewelry box. More luxurious also everything, copper gilded enamel color inlay pearl, turquoise jewelry box antique, copper gilded enamel inlaid gem antique jewelry box.

Jewelry Boxes After the Qing dynasty, due to the introduction of Western painting, it also created new themes for Chinese art. Inlaid Western painting and western colours began to pop up in the jewel-box elements.

At the same time, China's jewelry box spread abroad, also set off a combination of the Chinese and western trends. The birth of a group of classical and refined in the West wind combined jewelry box, a variety of materials and modelling people like to read a history of the United States Atlas.

Jewelry Boxes The more common is the black enamel and gold as the main material, inlaid with coral diamonds and other gems, or the whole is made of gems, the box often placed make-up mirror. Luxurious appearance and the practicality of both, let the jewelry box in the post-war period become celebrities noble in the banquet swaying posture indispensable important jewelry.

The development of today, Western jewelry box more and more attention to creativity, modelling and the new use of materials more and more prominent. and Chinese jewelry box, more and more emphasis on artistic conception and the perfect combination of art, jewelry and jewelry boxes complement each other!

Jewelry Boxes What do the jewelry boxes play? How big is the impact of jewelry boxes on turnover? Jewelry box is now more and more upscale, more and more ingenuity!

First, Jewelry Boxes the storage jewelry jewelry: Storage Box Simple understanding is the box, and jewelry box means that rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry jewelry gathered, concentrated. Jewelry box is based on the needs of consumers to design a multi-functional jewelry box, several layers and each layer has a lot of square lattice, which is used for the storage of different shapes, different materials jewelry jewelry, specially set placement, not only the inclusion of organized, but also very convenient to take.

Second, Jewelry Boxes the protection of jewelry jewelry: jewelry box is used soft material to cut off, to avoid jewelry jewelry is scratched, the most important is to prevent some jewelry jewelry because of air, environmental factors and oxidation discoloration.

Third, Jewelry Boxes decorate the room: The beauty of jewelry box is advantageous to decorate the entire room, let the room whole have the design feeling and the artistic sense.

Jewelry Boxes Summing up, in addition to the above three points, in fact, the jewelry box also has a role is to embody the girl's taste and aesthetic, jewelry box of the grade represents a taste; with the development of society, consumers ' tastes are getting higher, and the grade requirements of jewelry boxes are very high, now the jewelry box not only has more than the role, but also a strong artistic, aesthetic, but the different materials, representing the taste is different, so girls in the choice of jewelry boxes must be based on their favorite choice.