The Basic Concept Of Pen Holder

              Aiming at the problems of single function, lack of interaction and low degree of humanity, this paper introduces the design and implementation of an intelligent pen holder based on STM32 single chip computer. The design combines electronic elements with primitive pencil-holder, the use of integrated hardware design, including liquid crystal display, human sensor, MP3 decoding and file storage modules, support hot plug, and through Bluetooth with the Android or iOS smart Device data interaction, users can according to their own needs, personalized set of their own pen.Pen Holder

              In addition to the production of different materials, painting techniques have been fully reflected. In the early 20th century, the porcelain painting artists in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, transformed the traditional pastels, painted Chinese paintings with pastel materials, and formed a famous genre of porcelain painting represented by "Zhushan eight Friends". Yu Wenxian, also known as Xun Pine, alias Huashun, Zhai name "Qing Qing Studio" "Famous Spring Ancient House", The Apprentice "Zhushan eight Friends" one of the people, good at painting snow.His snow painting concept rigorous, very poetic, known as "Snow King." Pen holder is the most important lipho utensil in ancient                     China except pens, ink, paper and Inkstone, which appeared in the late Ming Dynasty. Because of the convenient use of pen, soon swept the world, still prosperous and not decline. The vase from the late Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty has been prosperous and does not decline, become the ancient literati in the desk tools irreplaceable beauty. Now, the exquisite old vase has become a unique scenery in the collection market.Pen Holder