The Basic Meaning Of Pen Holder

              Pen: With ceramic, bamboo, etc. made of cylindrical pen device. Pen is a special utensil put brush, according to the literature, its material has-, jadeite, Rosewood and Ebony, now we can see the handed down artifacts, mostly with porcelain or bamboo wood production. Has the collection value.Pen Holder

              Pen is one of the most common pens, generally cylindrical, material variety, can be seen bamboo, wood, porcelain, lacquer, jade, ivory, purple, and so on, is the literati Shu on the permanent thing. In ancient times, pen vase with its artistic individuality and high cultural grade, by the literati's favor. The Ming Dynasty literati Yizun Zun once made "pencil vase Ming", Yun: "On the place of the pen, or on the side or quite, the Jews without Miriam, the tube to bundle, such as the guest home, carefree that rest assured that the innocence." ”

              In addition to the production of different materials, painting techniques have been fully reflected. In the early 20th century, the porcelain painting artists in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, transformed the traditional pastels, painted Chinese paintings with pastel materials, and formed a famous genre of porcelain painting represented by "Zhushan eight Friends". Yu Wenxian, also known as Xun Pine, alias Huashun, Zhai name "Qing Qing Studio" "Famous Spring Ancient House", The Apprentice "Zhushan eight Friends" one of the people, good at painting snow. His snow painting concept rigorous, very poetic, known as "Snow King."Pen Holder

               Pen holder is the most important lipho utensil in ancient China except pens, ink, paper and Inkstone, which appeared in the late Ming Dynasty. Because of the convenient use of pen, soon swept the world, still prosperous and not decline.Pen Holder