The Maintenance Method Of The Jewelry Boxes

You may have heard that some people wash their hands and put jewelry on the washing table, accidentally drop the ground injury, or slip into the drainage can, or forget the washing table and other events, in fact, this is not a fresh thing, but such a crisis can be avoided.Jewelry Boxes

When you buy jewelry, jewelry store will send you a small jewelry box, put jewelry inside, make jewelry look beautiful. It is a pity that many people take out the jewels and put them in a drawer in their home instead of using them. In fact, this small jewelry box has its magical, it is small size and does not take up the place, can carry, when going out to wash hands can be removed, conveniently into the jewelry box, if this habit can greatly reduce the chance of loss of jewelry ring. So don't bother, carry a small ring box with you!Jewelry Boxes Do not put all kinds of jewelry at random in the same drawer or jewelry box, because the different kinds of gemstones and metal hardness, will be due to rub each other cause wear. Frequently worn jewellery should be inspected once a month to see if there is any wear or inlay loosening, and then remedy the repairs. Do not wear a gem in the kitchen or where there is steam, or the gem will change color after absorbing steam and sweat. Gold ornaments, silver and other jewelry, as long as the human secretion of grease or sweat acid, will lose light, so often wear jewelry, should be cleaned once a week.Jewelry Boxes

Water: The nature of mild soap water and soft brush is the simplest and most convenient way to clean. In addition, the use of water to wash jewelry. After cleaning the jewelry, can be placed in lint-free towel with the upper hand dry. The wax-free floss or toothpick can be used to clear the dirt between the jewel and the claw.Jewelry Boxes