The Material Description Of The Jewelry Boxes

     Relatively simple and elegant, suitable for the quality of elegant female use. and the wooden jewelry box material and has the MDF and solid wood, the solid wood is generally divided into mahogany jewelry box, pine jewelry box, oak jewelry box, mahogany jewelry box, ebony jewelry box, the most characteristic is Catalpa wood products. Catalpa Wood is walnut wood, because of slow growth, its fine pattern, strong texture, representative of the national process such as the foreign-style pine jewelry box often used as a material. MDF, is what we call a composite plate, compression plate, fibreboard, wood-based panels, MDF board, due to the construction process of solid wood is more complex, time-consuming, artificial relatively high, the market on a number of wooden jewelry boxes, is generally used, in the fiber board to create, the surface of solid wood skin, to do out of the effect, with solid wood difference is not small, The layman is difficult to distinguish, in a sense, saving the cost of the box.Jewelry Boxes
    Mahogany darker color, heavier wood, the material is hard, the general wood itself has its own fragrance, made of this material jewelry box antique, extremely rich texture. Rosewood as a kind of mahogany, with the color of the jewelry box made of noise, texture or hidden or present, vivid and changeable. Pine has a pine fragrance, pale yellow, and more boils scar. The jewelry box made of this material is natural, the texture is clear and beautiful, the color is pure and bright, showing the unadorned texture. In the hustle and bustle of the city, cater to the people return to nature, return to the true mentality of my request. But because pine wood soft, easy to crack, and easy to change color, so in the day-to-day use of the process should pay attention to maintenance.Jewelry Boxes
     Oak Wood has "China's oak," said, the material is hard, high strength, than significant, the structure of wood grain unique, texture clear and beautiful. Oak wood moisture resistance, wear-resistant, color, soil decoration performance is good. The jewel box made of oak is dignified, steady and elegant and unsophisticated. Peach Core wood texture is hard and lightweight, dry shrinkage small, heartwood is usually shallow reddish-brown, and has the longer the better luster. Its diameter has a different depth of the lines, the silk satin, very beautiful, delicate texture with a satin-like feeling. Wood is easy to rotate and cut and cut, with good sculpture, on the paint, viscose, dyeing, nail-binding performance is good. The jewelry box made of this kind of material has the noble and elegant appearance characteristic.Jewelry Boxes
     Black sandalwood heart sapwood distinct, sapwood white (brownish or schungite) to pale reddish-brown, heartwood black (chaotic black or slightly green jade) and irregular black heartwood (its dark and dark stripes). Wood surface Gloss is good, feel moist, no special smell. The texture is black and white and the depth is staggered. Material hard heavy, delicate, corrosion-resistant, durability is strong, is a precious furniture and crafts materials. This kind of material made of jewelry box, steady and heavy, not only in the eye reward, but also in hand. The wood-grain of silk walks is concealed, veiled but not publicized, the hand touch is like satin smooth.Jewelry Boxes