Watch Boxes Of Different Materials

     The first is the selection of materials, the production of jewelry storage box material is very much, the different materials of jewelry storage box, have their own advantages and disadvantages, you need to carry out a comprehensive, and then combine your actual situation to make a choice. Second, according to the number of items to choose: Before the storage box, you must first think about the number of items to be accepted. Less jewelry to choose a small, jewelry more words to choose a larger, reasonable use of space.Watch Boxes
     Again is the beauty of jewelry storage box: Jewelry storage box is not only loaded with a variety of goods tools, but also beautify the effect of home environment, so it is best to buy beautiful pattern of the storage box for the whole room to add luster to the environment. Finally, disassembly should be convenient: Select the storage box to take into account good to put, in case of moving can be easily demolished. Therefore in the purchase as far as possible to buy disassembly convenient, do not buy a pose, and easy to disassemble the jewelry box, easy to clean, jewelry, jewelry storage also need to clean and clean, if not clean will also have an impact on jewelry, jewelry.Watch Boxes
     Analysis of the type of Watch box, packaging boxes are generally divided into color box, carton, crystal box, plastic box, wooden embryo box and spray-painted wooden box. But the watch belongs to the category of luxury, so usually a very low-grade box, so the color box will not be used for the watch, from the main material from low-grade to high-end to introduce. Watch Boxes
    The most low-grade should belong to the transparent watch box, but the crystal box is generally environmental protection, the shape of a variety of good control, generally widely used in foreign children's watch market. Next is the cardboard watch box, also called the Watch packaging carton, the biggest feature of the Watch box is the size can be casually adjusted, environmental protection, but the overall low, mainly used for some low-grade watches and some of the requirements must be environmentally friendly part of the foreign market.Watch Boxes
    The most commonly used is the plastic watch box, the main material is plastic embryo, the outside will usually wrap a layer of paper or PU skin, the cost is moderate, the grade belongs to the upper and the broad exchange for the watch market. The design can be simple and generous, but also can be designed without losing luxury. The only drawback is that there must be a mold first, with a size limit. Then there are high-grade wooden embryo watch box, the same can be in the outsourcing of paper and Pu skin, relative to the plastic embryo box, mainly to meet the customers want to have any size, but the cost is far more expensive than the plastic watch box. The average number of customers will choose open embryo model, and will not be directly made of wooden embryo watch box.Watch Boxes