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Watch Boxes The poor than the car, the rich than the table Watches as a top luxury, has long been all the success of Shenzhen and office white-collar love, with the popularity of smart watches, children and the elderly watches to get universal. That these watches should be how specific with the packaging? Today, I first give you explain the same shape of the box box.

      Watch Boxes Today, starting from the main material to analyze the type of watch box, the box is generally divided into box, carton, crystal box, plastic box, wood embryo box and spray box. But the watch is a luxury category, so the general will be a very low-end box, so the basic box will not be used to install the watch, from the main material from low to high to introduce.

      Watch Boxes The most low-end should belong to a transparent watch box, but the crystal box is generally environmentally friendly, different shapes and good control, generally widely used in foreign children's watch market.

If the watch on the cabinet with mothballs, will cause the table oil metamorphic; if the mechanical watch on the sound, the TV will produce magnetization.

And watch the box, but can be faithful for your loved ones from the intimate protection of the role, usually do not wear when the watch to give the most secure protection, to avoid the watch was broken or was hit, so the box is absolutely Necessary, and it is recommended in the weekdays do not wear a watch, Watch Boxes develop habits into the box, you can greatly reduce the risk of damage to the watch.

Watch Boxes This pink box, looks very beautiful and exquisite, take up the love. This design style is generally stored in women's watches, to reflect the temperament and taste of women, he represents the meaning of live waves and lovely, elegant and soft, simple and noble, simple and elegant, so she often Open the hearts of young women.