Wine Box Packing

               Wine is a liquid commodity, now a dazzling array of shopping malls on the shelves, first reflected in people's eyes are often wine outside the packaging ── wine box. Wine box packaging on the sale of wine plays a very important role, especially its appeal to consumers, increase product value-added, to meet consumer spiritual needs, to consolidate the role of brand and corporate image, more and more people know.Wine Boxes

             At present, in the wine box packaging material choice, paper container (carton, paper tube) still occupies the main position, cortex, wood, plastic, metal material ratio has increased in the past, bamboo, willow, grass and other natural materials are still less used. For some high-grade red wine and wood for the packaging materials. Shows its natural and cultural temperament. For example, Cao County hundred think Temu Art Co., Ltd. in the red wine box design, based on the embodiment of rural characteristics of a relatively strong wine culture, in the wine packaging design used a large number of wooden materials to make red wine box packaging, and in the red wine in the box to add straw to foil the matte material wine bottle. The red wine is characterized by a strong rural culture. To achieve the wine packaging design and wine culture harmony and unity.Wine Boxes

              Paper containers in the carton and occupies an absolute advantage, according to the different levels of wine, the selection of materials also have differences: 1, low-grade wine packaging carton A, the use of more than 350 grams of white board printing film (plastic film), die-cutting molding. b, slightly high-grade some of the use of 300 grams of white paperboard to laminating paper card printing, laminating, die-cutting molding. 2, mid-range wine packaging carton printing more than 250 grams-300 grams of aluminum foil cardboard (commonly known as gold cards, silver card, copper card, etc.) and 300 grams of whiteboard paper on the laminating into a cardboard, printing laminating and die-cutting molding. 3, high-grade wine packaging and gift packaging carton using the thickness of 3mm-6mm cardboard with artificial laminating surface, bonding molding.Wine Boxes